Monday, April 4, 2016

Today's Student

Good morning,

As I get ready to teach my new set of college students I found this term C2S2 kids.  In my last blog I started seeing these students in the classroom on the college level but had never seen the term, I find it fits perfectly.  The acronym stands for the four major characteristics of today's learners. 

C2S2 kids are:  Collaborative, Creative, Social and Self-Directed.  This is added onto the fact that they also have their own unique learning styles.  So here are a few of the characteristics that will and do affect as we teach in every classroom today. 

  • Students learn in a collaborative environment
  • Students create content rather than consume it
  • Students choose to invest time in a virtual, digital social environment
  • Students  are self-directed in that they wish to choose what to study, they want the option to learn on their own and they absolutely insist on using technology in their learning

Cool Tech Tools for Lower Tech Teachers 20 Tactics for Every Classroom by William N. Bender and Laura B. Waller

This changes the way we plan and prepare the environment and the way we teach but more definitely our teaching philosophy!  My personal philosophy is being molded by the students I encounter and this is challenging.  We can no longer stay the same, we must evolve with them.